How to Write a Music Marketing Strategy

The purpose of a written marketing strategy is to keep you on track, keep stakeholders informed and everyone on the artist team on the same page. It means that anyone working on the project can easily pick up the strategy and see/ share/ use the same information across the board, reducing the risk of errors or miscommunication. 

A marketing plan will tell you, your team and partners: 

  • The campaign marketing activities and the timeframe in which they should be completed
  • Your goal. When defining goals they should ideally be Smart goals in that they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. 
  • Who your target audience is and where to reach them so as to communicate effectively with them
  • Your Marketing message and the channels you’ll use to share that message. For example, will you use email, social and advertising? Will you drive traffic to your website?
  • The assets and collateral that you have, will use and/or might need to complete the campaign

Key elements of any music marketing plan include:

  • An overview or executive summary
  • Goals
  • Marketing blurb 
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Affiliate & Partner Promotions
  • Budget
  • Publicity Plan
  • Promo Plan and/or DSP & Playlisting Strategy
  • Online & Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising Plan
  • Store / Ecommerce
  • Additional Promotion
  • Radio & TV Plan
  • Retail Opportunities/ Programs
  • Branding Tools
  • Assets

Marketing plans and strategies are essential because they provide a roadmap for you, your team and partners. Further, a strong marketing plan allows you to target your fanbase with effective messaging. Direct, consistent messaging combined with a clear roadmap helps everyone to prioritize actions, and increase sales - of your music, tickets to your shows or your merchandise.

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Author Bio: Dayna Young has 15+ years of global experience in music, entertainment, and leading creative teams to success. She is the Founder of Fred & Augustus and an expert in music marketing and digital artist development. Ultimately, what gets her up in the morning is the knowledge that she’s creating opportunities for artists.

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