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The Worksheet Checklist You Need!

Looking for a functional Worksheet Checklist that will keep you organized and professionally presented whilst on the road? 

Look no further. This ultimate Worksheet Checklist is used by professionals in the industry and now you can use it too. 

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Guest Post: Why Content Marketing Is Like Dating... 

Lauren Kashuk is the Founder and CEO of Ideaison

With 10 years of experience in highly creative, demanding roles, Lauren is a natural connector and trailblazer. Her work spans across social media, digital marketing, content strategy and advertising. She has worked at and with some of the most loved and hated brands internationally and has a vision for how stories can be told and advocates can be built through content.

Here, Lauren shares her viewpoint on Why Content Marketing Is Like Dating.

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Release Preparation, The Ultimate Checklist!

As more and more artists become independently minded, what was once the forte of Label Marketers (Release Marketing) now falls to artist teams. With successful releases requiring a lot of grit from already overstretched small teams, it can be hard to know what to do first, in what order and timing.

That’s why we’ve created The Ultimate Release Preparation Checklist. It covers item by item the considerations you should take into account when heading into any new release cycle.

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Guest Post: 5 Ways To Explore Video Content

Guest Author, Andrew Rodriguez is a digital producer and owner of Lightworkers Republic

Lightworkers Republic is a Denver, Colorado based creative agency focusing on premium storytelling through the mediums of photography, videography, music, and graphic design. 

As a video expert Andrew walks you through some simple ways you can take your content to the next level. 

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Guest Post: 10 Tips from a Mix and Mastering Engineer

Guest Author, Klaus Heavyweight Hill is a Mix and Mastering Engineer who has made his name working with labels such as Ministry Of Sound, Sweat It Out!, Soul:r and Spinnin’ Records. 

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Instagram Planning Made Easy

When it comes to Instagram there's a whole range of tools, tips and services that will help make your life easier through automation, your branding presence stronger, and more effective, and how-to guides that will simply help you wade through best practices. 

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Guest Post: How to attract a Booking Agent!

Guest author, Joel Siviour is a booking agent at Falcona, a boutique music company with offices in Sydney and Los Angeles. Based in the Australian office, Joel represents the live bookings for artists such as ShockOne, Hook N Sling, SACHI and more. In 2016 Joel also launched a music blog called  Deep Creatures”  which focuses on the wide spectrum of bass-music in Australia and abroad.

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10 Ways For Creative’s To Use Airtable

Airtable has changed our life. It’s smooth, adaptable, flexible, responsive, and fast. We can’t stop raving about it (disclaimer; if you use our referral link to sign up we get a $10 credit, but even then we won’t stop singing the app’s praises). 

Put simply: Airtable is a Creative’s dream. You can import data or use their ‘Base’ Templates - which can be utilized as is or easily adapted - to build out your own stacks.

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Artists, Create An Ecosystem Easily Using These Apps

These Apps live and breathe in our ecosystem and we think they’ll work for you. Our background is in Strategy, Touring, Events, Content, Digital Marketing, and Operations. We recommend these Apps to you because we’ve worked with Creatives just like you, all of whom have also wished for more hours in the day. These tools allow us to do just that, and using them to organize your commitments will do the same for you.

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