Case Study: Single Release Strategy

Executive Summary

For this multi-instrumentalist trio, the single was the lead from a planned upcoming EP featuring a number of co-writes with exciting collaborators. The goal was to secure the band’s position in the American/ Folk genres, which would ultimately be reflected in both editorial playlist support for the release and a clear upswing in monthly listeners.


For many artists one of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic has been how to market releases effectively in the absence of the opportunity to tour the recording. Artists have had to become increasingly creative in the tactics they use to engage their fan-base and brainstorm new ways to connect more than ever before. The challenge around this single was to engage their audience, encouraging fans to interact with the music, while also welcoming new fans into the fold as we began the journey of sharing the music in this beautifully written EP. 


Key to this campaign was engaging their active, and supportive, existing fanbase. 

We knew we’d need to run highly targeted ad campaigns. Not only did we want to grow their Spotify Followers (to help boost the algorithm so that the track was viewed more favorably for editorial support), but we also wanted to gain new fans, new email subscribers and promote the news of the Pre-Save and Out-Now links to those audiences. 

Aligned with this ad strategy we crafted a strategic marketing campaign for DSP, social and email; identifying the full range of content required to properly promote the release, and engage fans. Here we focused on the website rebrand, the brand flip on key platforms, Spotify canvas assets, behind-the-scenes video content, the official music video, and brand aligned ad assets. Overall, the approach was determined to be highly functional; we wanted to ensure the release successfully set up the future singles from the forthcoming EP. A livestream festival performance was determined as the anchor for fans to see the band perform ‘live’ during the release cycle.

Audience Demographic:

  • Location: US and Eastern Bloc
  • Age: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44
  • Gender: (M/F) 45% / 55% 

Key Results

  • Two Spotify Editorial Playlist placements
  • Monthly Listeners at start of campaign -           42.09k vs Monthly Listeners as of 4 weeks later - 61.9k (32%^ change)
  • 47% ^ change in streaming over 28 days
  • 573 new Spotify followers gained
  • 110 new email subscribers gained
  • 1.26% new Facebook fans
  • 4.83% growth of Instagram Followers
  • 0.88% growth of YouTube subscribers
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