How to Boost your YouTube SEO

In this guest post for Symphonic Distribution, Dayna Young (Founder of Fred & Augustus, FANDA , and music marketer of 10+ years) gives the ultimate rundown to get you started on boosting your YouTube SEO.

Guest Post: First appeared on Symphonic in January, 2024.

The Basics of SEO for Musicians

If you want to make sure you and your music are getting as much exposure as possible online, your SEO strategy can make or break your efforts. In this post, for Symphonic Blog we share the ultimate SEO rundown every music should absolutely know about. Here’s everything you need to know…

Guest Post: First appeared on Symphonic in October, 2023.

A Complete Glossary of Music Marketing Terms

Whether you’re a independent musician, publicist, or just a curious fan, these music marketing terms are good to have under your belt so you can better understand the inner workings of the industry.

Guest Post: First appeared on Hypebot in October, 2023.

How to Build a Musician Website that's Functional, Aesthetically Appealing

Discover how to create the perfect balance of getting your website to look great AND work well. This guide takes you through the basics of building websites, what strategies work for successful artists, and much more…

Guest Post: First appeared on Hypebot in October, 2023.

Get to Know your Fans using this Survey

Building fan personas can be extremely helpful when it comes to marketing and promoting your music. So, get to know who your fans are in age, demographic, values, and more with this survey.

Guest Post: First appeared on Hypebot in August, 2022.

How to Get to Know your Fans by Creating Fan Personas

By researching your listeners’ demographics, habits, values, and more, you can build fan personas to make creating the right content much easier.

Guest Post: First appeared on Hypebot in August, 2022.

How to Market Music via Email

Even though email is not very new, it is still quite relevant in almost everyone’s professional lives. That’s why it is a great platform to use to market music. This post offers strategies and breaks down your options so you can get emailing.

Guest Post: First appeared on Hypebot in August, 2022.

A Musician's Guide to Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Marketing

Musicians: start your marketing engines. Black Friday & Cyber Monday are coming. This annual shopping event is often overlooked by artists who are missing a key opportunity to optimize their store sales. Let’s take a look at how musicians can market their e-commerce offering during one of the largest shopping events of the year.

Guest Post: First appeared on Hypebot in September, 2021.

MusicACT: How to Create an Engaging Social Media Content Strategy

Your fans are invested, because they invested in you, which means sharing how you view the world as a way of drawing them further into your personal artist story. In this session on ‘How to Create an Engaging Social Media Content Strategy’ Dayna Young will share the creative approach she takes with artists who to help bring a more multi-dimensional voice to the table when planning their social media content strategy.

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MusicACT: How to Get Found Online (SEO Basics for Musicians)

Dayna Young will join MusicACT for a series of webinars tailored to explore how artists can build their digital profile and presence. In this session on ‘Learn How to Get Found Online (SEO Basics for Musicians)’ Dayna will share not only the basic SEO fundamentals you need to know but the takeaway tips you can use to implement basic SEO improvements on your own.

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MusicACT announces brand new program element, the Digital Program featuring Fred & Augustus' Dayna Young

Events under this banner will see the ACT music community connect with top-level industry professionals from across the globe in an online setting. In these regularly scheduled sessions, participants will be able to hear first-hand insight from internationally acclaimed artists and industry workers, all from the safety, comfort, and convenience of their personal device.

The first of theses sessions will be a three-part digital workshop hosted by Music Marketing Strategist, Dayna Young. Learn more here.

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Defining your Artist Brand

Building an artist brand can be compared to a 4D chess match. Why? Building a brand involves many moving parts. There’s your audience, your aesthetic, social and streaming algorithms (which impact how your brand performs), your brand’s relationship with other brands and artists, and how it performs in relation to the real world. Sounds complex? It can be. So here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Guest Post: First appeared on Symphonic in March, 2021.

How do you Promote a Music Tour in 2021?

Promoting a tour has always been relatively straightforward, but just how do you promote a music tour in 2021 under the veil of COVID-19?

Guest Post: First appeared on Hypebot, April 2021

How to Use Content Pillars to Define Your Artist Brand

Looking to better define your brand as an artist? Dayna Young, the Founder of Fred & Augustus and strategic marketing expert breaks down how “content pillars” can do just that…

Guest Post: First appeared on Symphonic in March, 2021

How to Grow Music Fan Club Memberships

The concept of an official fan club is nothing new and, due to advancements in technology, building a modern fan club is fairly easy for an artist to do. Growing your membership, on the other hand, is a different story. Here, we offer some tips for how to do so successfully.

Guest Post: First appeared on Hypebot February 24, 2021

10 Things to Do Now to Leverage your Growth as a Musician

As an artist, the way in which you market yourself and your music is much the same way as you would any product or service, in that there are key actions you can take to leverage your growth. Here, we break down what some of these are.

Guest Post: First appeared on Hypebot February 23, 2021

How to Create a Marketing Strategy to Promote your Livestream

Now that livestreaming’s takeover of the music industry is starting to seem a little less temporary, it’s time for artists to buckle down and develop a promotional strategy to capture and keep viewers’ interest.

Guest Post: First appeared on Hypebot February 18, 2021

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