Case Study: Artist Marketing

Executive Summary

The artist is an Australian metalstep producer and touring DJ who is based in LA. He’s worked with a hugely diverse range of collaborators including Modestep, Northlane, Koven to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and has toured the world including shows in the US and Australia, Belgium, Canada, South America, China, SE Asia and across Europe. 

Fred & Augustus was brought in to work alongside the artists management and label teams to support promotion of touring and releases.


A rudimentary website (which lacked on-page SEO), a content strategy which relied heavily on directing traffic to external websites (in lieu of the artists site) and a lapse in email marketing presented challenges in building audience data as well as being effective formats for fan communication. The artist also needed to see strong growth on all key platforms so as to remain competitive (and elevate itself) within the market.


Having a strong foundational website is key for any artist, so we began by implementing on-page SEO including meta titles, meta descriptions, H1’s, H2’s and on-page keywords. In doing so we also reviewed the site map, navigation and website page layout. We also implemented a subscriber pop-up on the website to enable the capture of email subscriptions.

With the website functional, we moved onto email marketing reviewing existing platforms and subscriber databases and creating a series of welcome emails and basic automations which would move fans further into the artists funnel. 

Further, managing the artists paid media budget (in support of touring and release promotion) meant tracking their cost-per-conversion diligently to make sure they were achieving the desired ROI. If one channel or tactic was not performing, we would reallocate the budget to a channel that was converting at the desired cost-per-conversion. We also actively used Facebook paid media to alert fans of upcoming performances, market merchandise and promote the page. 

Overall, as a result of the promotion of new releases via social media, paid media and a new newsletter initiative as well as the SEO implementations on the artists website organic traffic increased by more than by 958% over a three month period. In addition to referral traffic and paid media, total web traffic rose by 319%, allowing for email capture and additional traffic to the artists externally located merchandise store.

Key Results:

  • 500+ more email leads
  • +319% increase in website traffic
  • +958% increase in organic clicks 
  • +110% increase in Facebook Followers
  • +116% increase in Twitter Followers
  • +108% increase in Soundcloud Followers
  • +108% increase in Instagram Followers
  • +114% increase in YouTube Fans
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