Case Study: Hip-Hop / R&B Release Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary

This London-based artist dropped a new song, the first single from his eponymous debut EP.  The single sets the tone for the impending project; alternative R&B blended with production elements of Latin trap and notes of UK drill.  The goal was to create awareness for this exciting new artist, drive streams of the single and plays of the video.


While the artist has a history of music production as part of a larger group, this was his debut single, and further the debut single for his label also. With the artist having only an active Instagram profile, it became clear that one of the first challenges would be in building his digital presence to such an extent that it would be easy for potential new fans to find him online, and engage with him across multiple platforms. Ensuring discoverability during the search process would be key for growing email subscribers, social followers and of course, helping to create awareness of the music video and single.


The song is about revisiting past emotions and reconnecting with your former self in certain moments of a relationship. It’s all about attempting to heal your scars and repairing the concept of love in one's mind; as we all know, relationships are quite turbulent sometimes. It somewhat resembles a coming of age story where you’ve learnt and built on your previous mistakes, season after season, you open up to a new person, hoping that this time it’s the one. The story is about eventually finding ‘the one’ and living in the moment with that person, feeling every bit of their love, just as if it were the first time that you fell in love.

The artist shot a music video for the single, his first-ever, a moody visual documenting late-night debauchery in the streets of Streatham and Croydon (South London), where he calls home. Much like the song, the video is mysterious and emotive. In fact, we wanted to keep the mystery surrounding the artist intact, especially around such an early release in his career, and so content which alluded to the release, and which built hype for the music video (such as teasers in story and horizontal formats) became key. 

Further, with the artist enjoying a healthy following on his Instagram profile, it was clear that this platform would play a lead role in the digital strategy - at least early on. This emphasis would switch with the release of the single and music video, with growth on his YouTube channel taking the lead.

In the absence of other existing platforms, a website was built with a newsletter subscriber capture form, and the artist secured other social domains for use during the campaign (Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok). Pixels were subsequently placed on the artist website for both digital audience development and analytics and reporting.

We then designed a strategic marketing campaign for the artist tailored towards DSP, social, and email growth, focused specifically on finding potential new fans and growing their engagement levels. A publicist was also engaged to help build awareness for the artist at a blog and online level, and key advertisements were implemented to help create new digital audiences for the artist and find potential new fans. A YouTube premiere with dynmk further created awareness for the single, video, and this exciting new emerging artist.

Overall; we wanted to ensure the release successfully set up the future singles and the forthcoming EP, but also built digital audiences for the artist in key markets, creating the potential for strong fan-base growth across the upcoming releases. This was achieved with strong overall growth across all key metrics.

Audience Demographic

  • Location: US and UK
  • Age: 18-24, 25-34
  • Gender: (M/F) 58% / 38%

Key Results (30 days)

  • Spotify Monthly Listeners - 1640
  • 12,880 plays of the official music video on YouTube
  • 3900% increase in YouTube subscribers
  • 1650% increase in email subscribers
  • 3200% increase in Facebook followers
  • 42.78% increase in Instagram followers
  • 400% increase in Twitter followers
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