Case Study: Label Management, Promotion & Marketing

Executive Summary

Fred & Augustus has played an integral role in the successful launch of two indie music labels. Working closely with artists, artist managers, distributors, and internal and external promotion teams, we’ve collaborated with the label owners to build seamless internal processes, and workflows, and train staff. Additionally, we’ve been hands-on in the coordinating, planning, scheduling, and promotion of releases. We’ve been involved in almost all aspects of the releases from distribution to artwork and collateral creation, and marketing and promotion.


Some of the challenges we’ve expertly navigated when helping our clients launch successful indie music labels include:

  • Creating industry standard yet highly personalized systems & processes
  • Building marketing & promotion templates that cater to the label & talent needs
  • Training internal staff 
  • Working across global timezones
  • Tight deadlines
  • Limited resources
  • Narrow Budgets
  • Competition and exposure in the crowded digital landscape
  • Building personal brands
  • Utilizing social media platforms effectively


While the music market is saturated labels vying for fan attention, many of the challenges faced by our clients presented an opportunity for growth and innovation. As such, differentiating our clients from their competitors required a strategic - and holistic - approach to launching their label offerings. This included ensuring that - from launch - the releases would be supported by strong internal systems and processes, strategic marketing, and a powerful online presence with engaging and varied content. Also required was a commitment to researching and learning new technologies including tools for audience capture and growth. Our goal? Cultivate a dedicated base of targeted fans who connect with the label, the releases, and the talent.

Label management is a diverse role that calls upon a multitude of skills - broad industry and cultural knowledge, business management skills, an innate understanding of how labels function, music marketing know-how, as well as creative skills. These client projects allowed for our broad industry knowledge and expertise, leadership, communication, and networking skills to be on full display!

Key Results

    • Established industry-standard systems, processes, and workflows tailored to the specific needs of the client
    • Developed customized marketing and promotion templates addressing both label and talent requirements
    • Successfully trained internal staff to efficiently navigate the implemented systems and workflows
    • Optimized resource allocation to operate within the constraints of limited resources and narrow budgets
    • Successfully navigated and gained visibility in the crowded digital landscape, overcoming competition and exposure challenges
    • Strategically built and enhanced personal brands for both the client and associated talent
    • Implemented and executed social media strategies that maximized effectiveness and engagement

    These key results showcase our accomplishments in overcoming various challenges and achieving success for our label clients. In delivering these key results we were also able to positively contribute to other success indicators including:

    • Multiple Beatport Top 5 Releases
    • Two Beatport #1 Releases
    • Streaming statistic growth including explosive increases in ML's & Followers
    • Editorial playlist ads on key DSPs
    • Sold out pop-up events
    • Strong growth on vertical platforms
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